Get Involved

There are several ways that you can become involved with Love 2 Yêu:  as a volunteer, a donor, sponsor and/or nonprofit partner:

Our Love 2 Yêu donors and sponsors not only provide funds and items to support our mission, but are changing the lives of orphaned and at-risk children with their generosity. If you would like to become a Love 2 Yêu donor, please click here to contact us about potential donor opportunities, including the Annual Love 2 Yêu “Giving Season” | Tết   Lì Xì Fundraising Campaign. To directly donate, click here.

(Photo: Donors with young attendee at Love 2 Yêu fundraiser)

Like Love 2 Yêu’s donors, our sponsors and non-profit partners are significantly impacting the lives of youth in need. Whether the funds or items come through embracing social responsibility as a business, making a substantial commitment as an individual  or joining forces with us as a fellow nonprofit, our sponsorships and partnerships are key to increasing the breadth of work we are able to do. If you are interested in becoming a Love 2 Yêu sponsor or partner, please click here to contact us about potential sponsorship and partnership opportunities, including for our Annual “Giving Season” | Tết   Lì Xì Fundraising Campaign.                (Photo:  Love 2 Yêu  fundraiser)

While Love 2 Yêu is very grateful to its donors and sponsors, our volunteers are also critical to our success. If you are interested in volunteering, please click here to reach out to us about potential volunteer opportunities, such as our Annual “Giving Season” | Tết   Lì Xì Fundraising Campaign, as well as other upcoming events/programs.  (Photo:  A volunteer helps set-up a Love 2 Yêu fundraiser)