Events We Attend

The events that Love 2 Yêu organizes include various types of fundraisers and goodwill trips to Vietnam. Love 2 Yêu has also partnered with other organizations—such as Abandoned Little Angels, Faith in Christ Ministries and AASuccess—on select events. Some of those events are featured below.

Goodwill Trips

Love 2 Yêu periodically takes goodwill trips to Vietnam to not only see firsthand how projects are benefiting from current donations and sponsorships, but to also assess if there are any other needs that must be met. This enables us to preemptively assist before situations become dire. In addition, the trips allow an opportunity to immerse into Vietnamese culture.  To see some images from trips to date, please go to the Photo Gallery or click here.

(Photo: Love 2 Yêu Co-Founder, Jo Fogel with a student at one of the Vietnamese projects)

Fundraising Events

In addition to its online fundraising campaigns, Love 2 Yêu has held various types of fundraising events, such as the Family Fun Day Carnival, which raised money for our projects with hundreds of guests from a variety of different communities for a day full of fun, music, food, games, activities, and most importantly, for a good cause. To see images from select events, please go to the Photo Gallery or click here.

(Image: Love 2 Yêu Family Fun Day volunteers setting up)

Community Appreciation Day 

We are having a food drive locally in Los Angeles from now until December for Community Appreciation Day and asking the local community if they wish to drop off any (unexpired) canned or dry goods to share with families in need of food. Contact Jo Fogel @ for further questions on how you can support our Community Appreciation Day program. Or DM us on IG. 

You can also make direct purchases to contribute to our monthly food drive through Amazon as well:

Our reliable partners

Abandon Little Angels

Brightening the Future for Vietnam's Disadvantaged Children

Help the neglected children of Vietnam

Abandoned Little Angels distributes more than $200,000 annually to 30 different centers, including orphanages for children with unstable homes, educational centers for disabled children, and other centers that assist in vocational training for impoverished children.
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Good Eats

We feed hungry elementary school children, every weekend.

The Good Eats Program

We feed hungry elementary school children, every weekend. Did you know that all throughout the U.S., even in the wealthiest communities, there are children that go hungry...
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Faith In Christ Ministries

A ministry in the city, with a heart for the city

Here at Faith in Christ Ministries, our mission is to plant and develop healthy congregations that manifest the glory of God in worship and proclaim the kingdom of God on Earth...
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