Love 2 Yêu Global was established to support the endeavors of non-profits with programs that uplift orphaned and at-risk youth of Vietnam and the U.S.  This mission is reflected in our name by the inclusion of the word “love” and its Vietnamese translation “yêu“—in honor of our three founders’ Vietnamese heritage (see below).

Therefore, “love” specifically represents our mission of support for youth programs in the U.S. While “yêu” represents support of overseas youth programs, with the “2” illustrating the connection to the U.S.

After hosting our inaugural “Family Fun Day” Fundraiser, held on Saturday, May 14, 2016 in Los Angeles, our “2nd Annual Family Fun Day” Fundraiser will be held on Saturday, October 28, 2017 in Reston, VA.

FOUNDERS | Love 2 Yêu Global Youth Initiative

JO NGUYEN-FOGEL | Born in Vietnam as the 7th of 9 children, Ms. Nguyen-Fogel came to the US with her family in 1983. Their journey began in Texas, but through sheer determination her parents were able to open several nail salons around the country, before settling in Dallas to open a restaurant. Unfortunately in 2001, Ms. Nguyen-Fogel lost her father to a heart attack.  Eventually, she came to Los Angeles, and after a stint at UCLA, Ms. Nguyen-Fogel was inspired by the renowned book, A Course In Miracles.  The book catapulted Ms. Nguyen-Fogel’s desire to give back, and to support endeavors that spread love and light for humanity.  She’s donated her services to charities and volunteered at different organizations helping children, the homeless, the poor, the aging, and the ill.  It is this long term desire to help, that moved Ms. Nguyen-Fogel to start the Love 2 Yêu Global Youth Initiative with her sister, Ms. Teresa Quynh Nguyen and her cousin, Dr. Keri Nghi Tran (bios below). Recently married, Ms. Nguyen-Fogel is grateful to be living the life she’s been given, and through Love 2 Yêu wants to help and strengthen youth here in America and abroad, so they become strong leaders in their communities.  And like her parents gave to her, Ms. Nguyen-Fogel wants to also ensure youth are able to live a life with love, joy, and empowerment…

TERESA QUYNH NGUYEN | Ms. Nguyen co-owns with her husband, Dustin Lim, the Southern California-based, Quentin Meats, Inc. They’ve run the USDA-approved meat processing facility since 2000.  A Cal State Fullerton alumna in business, Ms. Nguyen also co-owns Hyun Mi Lim Corporation, a real estate investment company.  A first generation immigrant from Vietnam, Ms. Nguyen is grateful for the opportunities afforded her in the US, and the warm welcome she and her family received on their arrival to the small Texas town of Corsicana, still lives in her heart.   Such memories and opportunities drive Ms. Nguyen’s passion to give back.

DR. KERI NGHI TRAN | Born in Vietnam, Dr. Tran spent her childhood in Saigon before moving to the U.S. at 12.  Arriving in Arlington, TX, she did not speak English, but that language barrier did not stop her understanding the importance of education.  So, Dr. Tran worked hard at learning English, and at school overall.  Her efforts paid off when she graduated at the top of her class!  She was admitted into the acclaimed 100 year-old Baylor College of Dentistry, received her DDS to begin her career as a practicing dentist.  She currently practices on the East Coast. And through her studies in healthcare, Dr. Tran also found an affinity for helping people.  She is passionate about serving the community by volunteering for various causes, particularly advocating on children’s behalf, such as co-founding—with her cousins, Ms. Jo Nguyen-Fogel and Ms. Teresa Quynh Nguyen—Love 2 Yêu.

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