luv2yeu Tet

Love 2 Yêu launched the 1st Annual Love 2 Yêu “Giving Season” | Tết   Lì Xì Fundraising Campaign in 2018 to raise $40,000, but through our gracious donors received over $14,000 more!  The funds helped us continue to provide financial support to aid in school tuition, scholarships for advance education, assistance with medical care and food costs for poor orphanages and at-risk children in Vietnam (scroll down to see our wishlist).

In honor of Love 2 Yêu’s cultural duality, the campaign’s title combines both American and Vietnamese traditions. “Giving Season” marks the campaign beginning on Thanksgiving. While “Tết”—more formally known as “Tết Nguyên Đán”—is the Vietnamese culture’s most important holiday, the lunar New Year. While “Lì xì” literally translates to “giving money”, and is the ancient Tết tradition of giving children red envelopes (similar to those in the image below) to bring good luck. The envelopes not only include money, but notes for the children to “eat more, grow rapidly”, to study well and to have a great year ahead.  Also, the Tết holiday in 2019 marked the Year of the Pig (as indicated in the graphics and photo).  Click here to donate now to the current campaign. For more information on our current projects and campaign, click here.

1st Annual Giving Season | TếT  Lì Xì Fundraising Campaign Wishlist

1).  $12,000 or 30 computers  (underwrote computers at $400 per computer)

2).  $9,000 sponsored both a full-time teacher ($6,000 annual salary) and a part-time teacher ($3,000 annual salary)

3).  $5,000 underwrote books, supplies, and a software program permits for an English learning program

4). $5,000 underwrote a new playground

5).  $3,250 underwrote new shoes for 230 children ($14 per student)

6).  $2,625 underwrote new bikes for 25 children ($105 per student)

7). $2,500 sponsored The Love 2 Yêu Scholarship Fund for Advance Education that supports select students from any of our current programs, who show outstanding achievement.

(To see current project needs, please click here):